Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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Hello Everyone,

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Mrs. Nehme

Monday, May 21, 2018

Happy May Long Weekend!

Hello Parents/Guardians,
Please check the school website for school wide announcements.

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend with their families! There are only 6 weeks left in our school year and the time will go by quickly. Below are a few updates about the upcoming days/weeks.

EQAO begins this Wednesday. Grade 6 students will be writing the EQAO assessment beginning on Wednesday morning and the assessment will continue into the beginning of next week. The assessment will take place first thing in the morning once the students are settled into class. Grade 5 students will be going to one of the other Grade 4/5 classrooms with assigned work.

The Assessment takes approximately 1 hour each day but can go longer for some students. Once the assessmnt is finished for the day, the grade 5 students will rejoin their class.

Grade 5/6 Language Arts:
JP2 Junior students are having a Poetry and Writing contest for the month of May. Students have been given time in their Language Block to write poems. The 5/6 students in my class who are interested in the Writing contest are to begin writing at home. If time allows, students will be able to work on their writing piece in class. We have also been working on a Media/Oral Presentation which students will present individually to the class in the coming days after EQAO is complete.

Grade 5/6 Math:
We have been learning and practicing math challenges on probability. Students are performing really well with these too! We also have been spending some time again working on our mental math strategies with multiplication.

Homework will not be going home any more this year. Students are encouraged to continue daily/nightly reading. If a computer is available at home, the student portal has good learning activities for math and language review/practice.

Grade 5/6 Afternoon Group (Physical Education, Science, Dance, Music)
We have completed our Space unit and have moved onto our Dance unit. Students have been working hard at putting together and dance video for their final task.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this week!

God Bless,

Mrs. Nehme

Monday, April 16, 2018

Ice Land!

Hello Parents/Guardians,
Please check the school website for school wide announcements.

Hello Everyone,

Just when we thought(or were hoping) that Spring weather was just around the corner, we wake up to a spring ice land. I hope everyone's travels are safe today.

Grade 5/6 Language: Last week we started discussing what it means to be called for Discipleship. This was a great way to follow up our Easter discussion and continue our learning leading us into Pentecost.

We are continually working on our paragraph writing and our reading strategies in Language Arts. April is Poetry Month and this week will begin our Poetry unit as we enter into the last couple weeks of April.

Grade 5/6 Math: We have begun our Measurement unit and will continue with it along with 3D Geometry over the next couple of weeks.

Grade 5/6 Music: We finished our ukulele unit and you can find your son/daughters video of them playing Row, Row, Row your boat in thier music folder(this is for my afternoon group)

Grade 5/6 Science: We have started looking at the exploration of Space

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God Bless,

Mrs. Nehme

Saturday, March 24, 2018

March Break and Easter Break!

Hello Parents/Guardians,
Please check the school website for school wide announcements.

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful March Break and is ready to be back at school. It was really nice to see all of the students and staff back at school this week. We are heading into two four day weeks of school with Good Friday(March 30, 2018) and Easter Monday(April 2, 2018) coming up.


Homework was not sent home this week(Friday March 23, 2018) as I was away yesterday and we did have a bit of a paper shortage for photocopying. I did speak with the students and reminded them that they need to take the time to read for thier enjoyment for 15-20 minutes a night. Also, if technology is avavilable to them, matheltics and math frog on the student portal are great ways to reinforce their skills. Some Grade 5 & 6 students chose to bring home(already photocopied) EQAO booklets for some extra math practice


As part of our Religion/Family Life Program, all of the junior students watched the movie, The Ant Bully, focusing on healthy relationships with peers. There is a very good message in this move and the studens have been sharing their interpretation of this message through a varitey of options. Some students are creating Imovies, Google Slidedecks, Using Green Screen technology, and Pixton to help present their understanding of the message from the movie and how they can apply the lessons learned in real life.

This task gives the students an excellent opportunity to work on their media and oral expectations for Language. They will be presenting their creations this week in class.

Math: We are contining with Geometry and are moving into Transformational Geometry.

Grade 5s will be concentrating on identifying and describing the location of an object, using the cardinal directions, and translating two-dimensional shapes.

Grade 6s will be concentrating on describing location in the first quadrant of a coordinate system, and rotating two-dimensional shapes.

5/6 PM class

Music:  Learning to play the Ukuleles. 
Gym: Continuing with low organized games and cooperative play.
Science:  We will be starting a new Science unit after our Ukulele Unit.

Enjoy your weekend!

God Bless, 

Mrs. Nehme

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Closing Ceremonies!

Hello Parents/Guardians,
Please check the school website for school wide announcements.

Language Arts: 

This week, all students had a conference with me to discuss their Narrative writing piece. This allows your child and I to sit down and go through their writing as part of their writing process. We also were very fortunate to have Monique Campeau come into our class and demonstrate different strategies for your child to use with their editing process through Google Read and Write. Please ask your child what strategy they found really worked for them.  It could have been the screen mask, the predictor, the dictionary, the control F function, plus many more.


We have started weekly math quizzes on Fridays. This past Friday was our second quiz. The students are taking this very seriously and so far have been doing well. We are coming to a close with 2D Geometry and will be moving into 3D Geometry and Measurement. They all really flow well into one another.

The Olympics are coming to a close as well, we had the opportunity to watch some of the Canada vs. Germany Hockey Game on Friday along with the bronze medal in Women's figure Skating and the the silver and gold medal for Women's Ski cross.

Coming up this week: The National Art Gallery is coming in to present to grades 1-6

Here are a couple of the mindset activities that we had this week.

God Bless,

Mrs. Nehme

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Homework and EQAO

Hello Parents/Guardians,
Please check the school website for school wide announcements.

Hello everyone,

Your son or daughter has brought home some math and language EQAO practice questions for homework. This year our grade 6s will take part in the Provincial EQAO Testing in late May to early June. We normally have a two week window in which to have the assessments completed. I will let you know the exact dates when they are decided upon for our school.

I have sent home the same homework practice for the grade 5s as well. All students would have participated in the EQAO assessments when they were in grade 3 and all will again in Grade 6 and Grade 9 along with the Literacy test in Grade 10. The grade 6 EQAO assessment in a Grade 4-6 assessment so it is assessing students for what they should know by the end of grade 6. It is good practice for the grade 5 students too.

Students received a double sided math EQAO Practice sheet and also a Language Reading with multiple choice questions and 2 short answer questions. Please have your son/daughter try their best to complete them. Homework is due Thursday and we will go over this homework in class on Thursday.

For more inforamtion about EQAO assessments have a look at

Enjoy your long weekend with your family!

God Bless,

Mrs. Nehme

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Spirit Week 2018

Hello Parents/Guardians,
Please check the school website for school wide announcements.

We are having our Winter/Olympic Spirit week beginning Monday, February 12 to Friday, February 16. Please see below for the events.

I will be travelling with the GIrls Handball Team this Thursday, February 15 to the Oz Dome in Stittsville. Please see the list below to see if your daughter is joinng us. A permission form is being sent home on Monday and is due back Tuesday.

Homework was not sent home this week.

Langauge Arts/Religion: We are finishing up with our Personal Narratives and we will be relfecting on Lent beginning this week through different Lenten activities.

Math: We are continuing with our Geometry Unit and had some fun this week investigating angles through our angles and athletes activity. Please see below.

Science: The Grade 5 Students began their Unit on Matter and the Grade 6 Students are completing their final task on Electricity.

Enjoy your weekend with your family and enjoy the Olympics!

God Bless,

Mrs. Nehme